Job Search 101: Email and Your Job Search.

jobsIt is important to recognize that today’s job search REQUIRES being comfortable with technology. For many individuals, it may have been 10, 15 or 20 years since embarking on a job search; what worked in the past has changed. We all know that the Sunday job classifieds in the local paper have disappeared and most companies and hiring managers use  job boards or social sites when looking for candidates to hire.

Create an email address that is solely utilized for your job search.

This will allow you to filter, track and manage your job search submissions, alerts and research, all in one place, while avoiding any job board SPAM or unsolicited communications from clogging your personal email.

Create a FREE Google or Yahoo email account you can easily access and use for your job search.

Your Email Address.

Be sure to use your name or some portion of your name in the email address you create for your job search.

For example: or, or, etc.

Avoid emails that do not identify you in a professional manner. For example:,,, etc. as they may not be taken seriously and are difficult to weed out among the communications with employers, recruiters, or hiring managers.

Ready to Send Your Resume?

Due to the strong SPAM filters at many companies you may want to consider building your cover letter and resume into the body of the email versus sending an attachment or PDF file.

Why? If it is a job you really desire your email communication may get filtered; companies have strong SPAM filters and hiring managers rarely communicate receipt unless they have interest in your submission. Therefore, if your email and attachments were filtered…you would never know; copy and paste resume content or documents into the body of the email to increase your odds of getting noticed.

These are just a few tips to consider when taking on the next steps in the job search process!

Good Luck!


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