“The whole secret of a successful life is to find out what is one’s destiny to do, and then do it.”
-Henry Ford

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DENISE ANNE utilizes the latest strategies and proven techniques required to effectively execute and impact all phases of the career pathway by acting as a catalyst to power your career brand in the jobs marketplace.  She has privately coached individuals across all industry verticals and at every level of rank and status. 

DENISE ANNE advocates for greater inclusion and diversity in the place of business in order to improve hiring and work experiences in the multi-generational and diverse workplace by representing under-served populations, Veterans and those with a disability or other barrier to employment as a vendor partner with the State of Michigan and Michigan Rehabilitation Services to foster increased hiring and employment success. Inclusion Matters.

DENISE ANNE has a broad-based background in public speaking, executive development, sales and corporate training; and the ability to influence and align potential and existing business with corporate goals and objectives. Seminars and engagements include consulting related to leadership development, business etiquette, career transition and management, resume and job interview proven strategies and techniques. Other areas of expertise include; law of attraction, conflict management, and executive dining skills, professionalism in the workplace, executive impact, executive impact for women.

MISSION: To make a meaningful impact in the hiring and employment process by providing access to a talented pool of candidates that have the motivation, background and experience to bring their unique perspectives to solve today’s business problems through the creation of a more diverse and inclusive workplace.

Your Career Pathway | Career Brand Management | Leadership Development | Executive Presence | Resume Development | Job Interview Coaching | Job Search Strategies | Business Etiquette and International Protocols | Executive Dining Skills | Career and Talent Management | Disability Advocate and Jobs Placement Developer | Speaker | Author | Corporate Training

CERTIFIED | The Protocol School of Washington, Business Etiquette and Protocol Consultant

CERTIFIED | Global Sciences Foundation, Law of Attraction Practitioner

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