Lack of Qualified Candidates or Lack of Available Jobs?


This question epitomizes today’s struggle employers and job seekers are experiencing when attempting to land a new career or fill a job opportunity. Is it just simply a lack of qualified candidates or is it a lack of available jobs?

In recent week’s this has been the topic of conversation with candidates seeking employment and Human Resource (HR) executives.

Conversations with HR executives claim it is the lack of qualified candidates. Candidates for hire claim it is a lack of jobs. Both are correct; and in many cases, the employer and the job seeker, stand in their own way of progress.

The Top Ten reasons that frustration is felt by both the employer and the candidate for hire:

1. Candidates applying for opportunities that they are clearly not qualified to execute.
2. Resume’s that do not build value or demonstrate ability to accomplish requirements in a posting.
3. Cover letter’s that fail to connect the resume and work history to the posting.
4. Candidates with “one size fits all” generic degrees with no specific direction or focus.
5. Employers in need of candidates with Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math skills and the talent pool is limited
6. Candidates not engaging the necessary planning and preparation for interview success; “just showing up” is not enough.
7. Employers looking for “Superman” when “Robin” will do.
8. Candidates failing to execute a resume that is adaptive for upload and filtering by Applicant Tracking Software (ATS); use of keywords
9. Employers failing to be specific and clear as to required and preferred skills in a job posting.
10. Employers poorly trained on appropriate interview techniques and strategies to leverage potential candidates

These are just a few of the comments made by HR executives and candidates for hire that contribute to the frustration of finding qualified talent and landing that new career opportunity.



What do you think?

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