Job Search 101: Surviving a Career Transition.

Personal agility in a time of adversity is the key to unlocking the paralyzing affect of change and/or career transition.

Agility (u-jil-i-tee): The power of moving quickly and easily; nimbleness.

Health.Cycle.Pic.The loss of a job can create an identity crisis; especially when demand for an occupation is limited, unknown or non-existent.

This is a time to re-evaluate, re-invent, and re-direct.

Take a “breather”. Now may be the time for self care. After years of commitment to a job role or company, job loss can feel overwhelming and self-defeating. You are enough. You have value. Take time to evaluate and choose activities, thoughts, and relationships that bring you joy. Clean a closet, paint a room, or go on a mini road trip, spend time with family to regroup and reflect and create a deliberate next step on your career pathway. New career? New job? Second Act? Retirement? You decide.

Is re-education an option? Learning new skills is an excellent way to increase marketability, reinvigorate career direction, network and expand the circle of influence.

Are existing skills and abilities transferable to other industries? Hard skills/technical skills developed in previous work history may transfer regardless of industry. Use a cover letter to distinguish a change in industry and highlight the transferable hard skills.

Is a startup or entrepreneurship on the horizon? Translate a hobby or interest into a viable business opportunity. Visit a local college or Small Business Administration (SBA) location to get details on programs to assist with business planning and development.

Your KEY to success is in AGILITY; what is your AGILITY factor?

Remember, if nothing changes; nothing changes. Onward ever; backward never! Good luck!


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