Job Search 101: Research.

Research, research, and more research. It is important to come prepared to the job interview. Investigate a company thoroughly; understand their philosophies, mission, corporate culture, financial status, size and locations, recent press releases reveal wonderful detail, products and services.

As with any presentation; you must know your audience and interviewing is no different.

This step is not only to impress the interviewer with your interview savvy and company knowledge; it is also an important step to determine if the organization is a good “fit” with your professional goals and objectives to make an informed choice.

Too many candidates for hire choose to “wing-it” or “go with the flow” when it comes to interviewing, and in this competitive marketplace that attitude no longer prevails.

Candidates owe it to themselves to research an organization.  The ability to access information and detail from around the globe via the internet means there are no excuses for not being prepared.

Researching a company shows your interest, allows you to ask specific questions, and ensures your selection when determining which company to pursue.

Be an investigative reporter and learn everything and anything you can about the company, the role, and the hiring manager before the interview and you will be on your way to taking greater control of your interview process.

Tip: Be proactive and connect with the company key point of contact on LinkedIn, too! Add a personalized note when requesting connection.

Good luck!


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