Job Search 101: Business Cards.

Business Cards and Your Job Search.

Create business cards to utilize in your job search and beyond.  A business card is a great tool that will have you standing above your competition.

Raise your job search, career transition, or new business venture to the next level; avoid writing contact information on a scrap piece of paper or random cocktail napkin, show potential employers, customers, or new connections you are the professional you claim to be by generating a business card with key detail such as; name, phone number, email, and job title, industry or area of specialty.

Optional:  Add a job title only if you are determined to remain in same industry/job role, otherwise skip this step.

Optional:  Add a company name if you are going off on your own (entrepreneurship/consulting).

Tip:  Avoid using your home mailing address if you are concerned about safety and security. You can setup a PO Box or simply include your city, state, zip.

You can use business cards at job fairs, interviews, meetups and networking events. 

Don’t get caught using old, damaged or existing company business cards in your job search; it is unprofessional and inappropriate.

Did you know? Over 80% of candidates looking for a new career opportunity will find it through someone they know, therefore, a business card will support your efforts to get noticed and be remembered.

Sites are easy to use and cards ship within days!  No need to pay for expedited shipping as they deliver quickly. Search for free (just pay shipping/new clients only) or discounted pricing on your first order, provided you do not mind their website address on back of card or for a nominal charge purchase without advertising. 

Tip:  Avoid a busy design template, make sure your design choice is simple, professional, preferably on a white, easy to read background.

Custom online printing providers offer a variety of card stock options, easy-to-use templates for design, and additional matching merchandise (sticky notes, note pads, magnets, pens, etc.) to support your job search, new business venture, or networking opportunities.

Good Luck!


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