Career Transition: Where do I go from here?

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Mapping out Your Future.

Are you ready to move out of your current job or industry and not sure where or how to start?  Have you been a victim of a job layoff? Are you a recent college graduate frustrated with your job search? Are you struggling with a disability or health diagnosis and can no longer do the work you’ve always been doing? 

No matter your current situation, there are several steps you can take to transition yourself successfully in the jobs marketplace.

First, begin by creating a list of all connections, contacts and previous colleagues;  LinkedIn the world’s largest professional networking site, is a good place to find and uncover people you may want to contact; reconnect with and outreach to schedule a brief phone call or meet and greet over a coffee meetup to discuss options, possibilities and to gather information for job leads, hidden opportunities, or referrals.

Note: Meetups are strictly to gather information and for no other purpose. Avoid asking to provide your resume, at this point, unless it is requested.

“Someone you know; knows someone; looking for someone; just like you.”Denise Anne Taylor, aka CAREERMEDIC™️, Career Coach

Next, use your “elevator pitch”, tell everyone and anyone you are looking for a job or moving in a different direction; they will be your extended “eyes and ears”. This will keep you top of mind. 

Additionally, create eye-catching and  affordable business cards for your job search to use at job interviews, networking events, and when meeting new people.

Also, your resume will reflect your specialized field, however, in the cover letter you can separate your transferable skills and abilities and apply across various industries so that you can transition to different roles utilizing the job posting/description as your guide.

Remember, do not hesitate to outreach through networking events and engagements in your area through a local chamber of commerce or trade association. Research shows 80% of your success will be due in part to your circle of influence also known as your network.

In addition, have you considered going back to school for courses to brush up on skills for the competitive jobs marketplace?  For example, do you want to master and explore new skills in coding, design, marketing, technology, and data — online or at various campuses around the world?  If so, try General Assembly or Codeacademy (learn to code-FREE). There many possibilities for acquiring and learning new skills and many can be from the comfort of your home and online.

If you graduated from a local university, community college or trade school, contact or visit their career services department and they will have available resources to guide and assist you in your transition. 

Campus career services departments are a valuable resource to current students and alumni.  Many alumni fail to use connections and support that can be found through their alma mater, and it does not matter when you graduated; it just matters that you need help and support, now. 

Career service representatives are employed and paid to service their student populations and alumni on all facets of their career pathway.

Finally, as you move forward, be sure to send a handwritten letter of thanks or place a quick call to those that have supported your efforts during your transition and update them on your employment success.

Begin with these steps and good luck with your search! 



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