Job Search Tips: Be Proactive!

Be proactive in YOUR job search!

Did you know that you only have a 4-7% chance of success in finding opportunity online through job board sites?

Do you realize you have an 80% chance of landing a new opportunity by being proactive in your job search?

What does that mean?  You seek out opportunity and avoid waiting for that perfect job to surface via a job fair, recruiter, online or hoping that the hiring manager fairy will come knocking on your front door.

How do you begin a proactive search?  Research companies of interest, visit their corporate sites, outreach to a company after you have acquired their mailing address and key contacts (i.e. Director of Human Resources, Hiring Manager, Department Manager) as a result of your research.  Investigate startups, new companies coming into your area or those that are expanding.  Note: Avoid addressing a cover letter or email “To whom it may concern…” make every attempt to address the cover letter to an actual person within the organization, when possible.

Good companies are always looking for good people!

Your resume may land on the desk of that decision-maker when one of the following may occur…

A current employee:

  • Retires
  • Relocates
  • Exits workforce for personal reasons, i.e. pregnancy, sick parent, goes back to school, career change, health concerns
  • Starts their own business
  • Quits
  • Recruited
  • Transfers to another Department
  • Released from Company

Tell everyone and anyone you are looking for a job.  You never know who may know whom and that could translate into a potential lead. “Someone knows someone; looking for someone; just like you.”-Denise Anne Taylor, Career Strategist.

A job search is a full-time job; it is a full-time job looking for a job.  So don’t make the mistake of jumping in and heading for the “help wanted” sign…seek out opportunity, ask for opportunity and control your search. Good luck!


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